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Power options for putting your Mac to sleep or shutting it down 3/8/2017
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Power options for putting your Mac to sleep or shutting it down

Category: Mac/Apple OS

Did you know that there are several shortcuts and fast ways to shut-down, restart, and put your Mac to sleep?

Let’s start with the power button. If your Mac is sleeping you can tap is quickly to wake it up. If your Mac is awake and you hold the button for 1.5 seconds it will ask you if you want to restart, sleep, or shut down, you can also get this same message more quickly by holding down Control while pressing the Power button. If you hold the Power button for 5 seconds it will turn your Mac off and if you hold down Control and Command and the Power button it will force your Mac to restart. Control and Shift and the Power button, will put your displays to sleep. Holding down Control plus Command plus the media eject button will close all open apps and then restart the Mac or Control plus Option plus the Media Eject button will close all apps and shut down the Mac (you will be prompted to save any documents with unsaved changes with either of these options).

For additional information and shortcuts for your Mac visit and search for sleep shortcuts.