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Change the default formatting style of hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 4/19/2017
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Formatting Hyperlinks Automatically in Microsoft Word 3/15/2017
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Customizing numbered and bulleted lists in Microsoft Word 3/1/2017
Need to know your IP address? Use 2/22/2017
Windows Sticky Note shortcuts 2/15/2017

Change the default formatting style of hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Category: Word Processing

Standard default hyperlinks in Microsoft Word are formatted as blue text with an underline. If you ever want to change that default formatting style in Word, then there is an easy way to do that within your document, using Styles.

Simply go to the Home tab on the ribbon and then click the small arrow at the lower right corner of the Styles group. Once the Styles panel is showing click the Options… link in the lower right corner. From there, choose All Styles and click Ok. You will see more styles now in the Styles panel. Scroll until you see the Hyperlink style. Hover over it and then click the drop-down-arrow. Choose Modify. Select any formatting that you wish your hyperlinks to have and then click Ok. Now any hyperlinks that you have already created, or those that you create from this point forward, will use your custom hyperlink formatting style.

For additional information on creating hyperlinks in Microsoft Word, press the F1 key, while working within the program, and search for hyperlinks.